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The Bridge Qi Gong

By Myla Hum and Philip Lai
© Philip Lai Qi Gong Association

The bridge is one form of qi gong. Like the actual structure it is named for, the bridge can connect the yin and yang energy from one side to the other. In practice, the bridge exercises can be used to "bridge" the physical and mental awareness so that a state of harmony can be reached.

The beauty of the bridge is that it is very versatile. For instance, a very soft style of tai chi low impact exercise can be done. Movements are slow and relaxed. Exercises consist of working with breathing and meditation, guiding your energy around your body, and coordinating and balancing your body. However, if a more forceful style is preferred, the bridge can be treated as a martial art in the kung fu style. Using the same movements, the kung fu style applies more power and speed in the kicks, blocks, and punches often used in self defense.