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Health Investment Exercises

By Philip Lai
© Philip Lai Qi Gong Association

Medical qi gong is a powerful energy healing system that connects the body, mind and spirit. Some believe it originated in China over 6000 years ago and is the foundation of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Qi gong is the art and science of cultivating and manipulating ones inner vital life force with the intentions of healing. Practitioners can gain control of and direct the healthy flow of their qi, or life force, for self-healing.

The daily practice of Health Investment Exercises balances the body’s vital life force, and raises it to a higher level. It stimulates and nourishes the body’s internal organs, making the energetic communication between the organs more efficient, consequently restoring vitality and replacing depleted energy where reserves have been lost through illness or physical or emotional exertion. The movements of the exercises are very controlled, smooth and easy. This will result in a relaxed feeling of well-being, without the physical and mental stress associated with competitive sports. It can be done by young or old, physically fit or injured or infirm, since our aim is enable each person to participate and enjoy the activities according to their own abilities.