Master LaiMaster Lai in Chinese Calligraphy

Master Lai Meditating Philip Tai-Foo Lai 黎大虎, CPA, CMA, is the founder and president of the Philip Lai Qi Gong Association, Certified Naturotherapist with ACNN, Master Instructor of Qi Gong and Kung Fu, Master of Reiki and Tai Chi, energy healer using various traditional healing systems and expert in acupressure, Chinese massage and 5 elements Feng Shui. He has assembled all his years of knowledge and experience together and developed an effective, powerful and safe system called Master Lai’s Holistic Health Care System. He always knew that helping others and sharing his love of this knowledge would play a major role in his life. He is a kind hearted spirit who can transmit the full benefits of his knowledge and experience through his classes.

He has over 50 years of experience in teaching and healing, and has successfully treated many people with serious conditions such as 11 days in coma, stroke and other brain injuries, severely disabled condition, 8 years paralysis caused by stroke, heart attack, cancer, fibromyalgia, type 1 insulin dependent diabetes, allergies, cognitive problems, kidney disease and high blood pressure, severe pain, anxiety, stress and depression, stopped smoking, severe blood clot, and weight loss.

For more details, see the tabs Videos and Testimonials. People who have received healing energy treatments from Master Lai have been very pleased and impressed with the amazing results and significant improvements in their symptoms and are thankful and appreciative for what he has done for them.

His passion is to help you to:

a) Take charge of your health, happiness, wisdom, relationships and wealth

b) Treat most mental and physical health issues

c) Assess and treat disharmony, weakness or illness in your major organs or internal systems

d) Fill your body and mind with positive healing energy and thoughts of hope, faith and love

e) Think and react quickly when necessary

f) Rewire your mind to erase years of negative and unwanted emotions

g) Transform difficult situations or crises into opportunities

h) Maximize your potential and performance so that you can successfully accomplish your goals

You can hear about Master Lai's upbringing and background in this Facebook post.