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The Philip Lai Qi Gong Association (formerly called National LAMAS Qi Gong Association of Canada) was incorporated in 2002 as a non-profit organization based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It does not promote or advocate any religion or political party and receives no funding from any organization. Its primary goal is to help people to take charge of their health, happiness, wisdom, wealth, longevity and well-being by offering ongoing classes and special workshops that enable the participants to learn Qi Gong exercises, meditation and other techniques such as energy healing and Chinese acupressure and massage. Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors receive ongoing training from Master Lai. We don’t simply teach people how to do Qi Gong and leave them to practice on their own. Our Association provides ongoing support and assistance to our members.

Not only are our certified instructors qualified to teach at the community centres in Ottawa, but the hours of our Qi Gong certificate courses are accepted by the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada Inc. for its certified members.

The Association appreciates and acknowledges the contribution of our volunteers who are as follows:

Philip Lai Qi Gong Association Mission Statement
Philip Lai Qi Gong Association Values and Ethics of the Ancient Arts