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Blood clot and possible lung cancer

Sang, an 85 year old man, had a blood clot in his knee. Doctors recommended surgery to remove one artery from one leg and replace the blocked one. This would have required several hours of surgery and six months to recover from the surgery. The doctor said that if Sang was not treated soon, he would lose the leg. After carefully checking his body, Philip found out the source of the blood clot and gave him Chinese medicine, massage and qi energy treatments. As a result, the leg healed without surgery being necessary.

Sang also had serious coughing, body weakness, low energy, weight loss, poor mobility, and inability to sleep for two months. X-rays, urine and blood tests led doctors to believe that he had lung cancer. Philip performed qi energy treatments on him every day for one month. The symptoms dissipated and six months later, the MRI and biopsy showed no evidence of cancer.

—Philip (Sang's son)
Ottawa, ON
November 2012