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Cognitive problems, kidney disease and high blood pressure

Miranda has suffered from polycystic kidney disease and high blood pressure. This has caused problems with other organs including the brain and may eventually require her to have dialysis. She has pain in her abdomen and hips which radiates down her legs. She has received weekly chiropractic treatments, but these don’t seem to help to alleviate the pain. Seven years ago she had a ruptured blood vessel in her brain which required surgery. She was left with many cognitive problems such as fatigue and lack of concentration. She was unable to go through a day without taking a 2-3 hour nap. Sometimes after finishing work at her house- cleaning company, she needed to sleep in her car before driving home to ensure that she could get there safely. She also experienced anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, sorrow and loneliness due to her brain injury.

She recently started taking Master Lai’s beginner Qigong classes and told him that: “Since taking Qi Gong and practicing it daily, I have not needed to take a nap during the day which allows me to be more productive in my business.  My concentration levels have improved to the point where I can focus on a task from start to completion. I can now work all day, come home and still have energy to work on my business. I cannot believe the amount of energy I have now.  I have not felt this good in eight years. Congratulations on the fantastic program you have put together.”

Ottawa, ON
September 17, 2015