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Improvements to my health

"I have been a student in qi gong with Philip Lai since the late 1970’s. I have had type 1 insulin dependent diabetes for over 25 years and Philip has proven to me that qi gong is more than vital life force; it is medicine. I haven’t suffered from any major complications that others get with type 1 diabetes over the long term. I no longer suffer from allergies."
—Steve V.

“I have been practising qi gong under the direction of Philip Lai for about six months. I practice every day and my body feels more free, relaxed and more flexible. I wish to thank Philip for his commitment to teaching me the proper method of this meditation. I find it much easier to cope with life's everday problems and stresses.”
—Tang S.

“For over three years I have been ill with the pain and disabling effects of erythromelalgia; and I am deeply grateful to you [Master Lai], Dr. Chow, and other Qigong teachers and students for helping be to improve my health. Thank you very much for everything.”
—Louise G.

"For several years prior to attending his [Master Lai's] classes, I suffered from a painful right shoulder and tension in my right arm. After the session, Philip performed acupressure on my right arm whenever I was in pain. This helped release the blocked energy in my arm and shoulder. The fact that the pain has almost disappeared is a testament to Philip's healing abilities and I am grateful to him for doing so."
—Catherine B.

"I have found Philip to be a great instuctor in the art of qi gong. He is very patient and relaxed with the group and thoroughly explains all the benefits of each step as we progress. The qi gong has enabled me to prevent a couple of falls that could have been serious. I also find myself able to do much more, i.e., stooping, bending, etc. as well as breathing properly, especially during walks."
—Denise S.

"I have been taking Philip Lai's class, during my lunch hour. Philip has taught me how to relax my entire body with this program. This class is a great way to relieve the stress, we all feel. I have lost some unwanted inches and my breathing has improved a lot. I feel my body is much more toned and flexible due to Philip's class. I would recommend this class for everyone."
—Lynn C.

"I am an associate in our Store Operations and have been attending Philip Lai's qi gong class for about four months now and I can honestly say that these excercises have helped me relax by activating my inner smile and increasing internal energy. In the four months, I have noticed an increase in the attendance and that the feedback from the employees has been very positive." <
—Patrick L.

"A special thank you for the precious help you gave me lately. Your kindness and understanding helped me feel better through the hard times I'm experiencing lately. This excercise of yours helps me control my mind, increase my energy and it gives me not only great comfort but confidence in myself to go on with my life as I never did before. I now see life itself from a whole new perspective. I think of it as being the perfect way to reunite (in harmony) body and soul."
—Gisele L.

"I work for Giant Tiger Warehouse as a receiver/order picker and during my lunch hour I have taken Philip's qi gong class. I have also taken some martial arts training with him. I feel these classes have helped me attain a great amount of self confidence and physical strength. I would recommend Philip's class completely."
—Brian F.

"Philip Lai instills serenity and quietness in performing the qi gong exercises. His quiet directions are relaxing and his gentleness comforting. I learned to listen to my body; focusing on various moves with ease and control. He has taught me to slow down, appreciate and accentuate the positive things in my daily activites. He is an excellent qi gong instructor."
—Teresita E.