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Marathoner relieves pain and improves breathing

Running is hard enough but training to run 100 miles is unbelievably difficult. When I was preparing for my first 100 mile race last year, I had two areas that I needed help with—dealing with injuries and breathing better.

As expected in the course of training, parts of my body started to hurt. I was spending almost as much time taking care of my aches and pains as actually running. One lunch hour when talking to Master Lai about an annoying calf pain that I was experiencing, he taught me some simple qi gong techniques to help heal the area as well as how to use Zheng Gu Shui Relieve Pain Medicated Oil. Consequently, I was able to relief the pain and continue running.

How did Philip teach a runner to breath? It was by using a technique of meditation breathing which helps rejuvenate one’s inner strength while running. This had to be learned while sitting at first before moving because it involves keeping your eyes almost closed. I practiced it daily (relying on my dog to lead me) and then during a race on parts of the trails that were smooth and straight enough.

As a result of the help I received from Philip, I was able to improve my performance as a long distance runner.

—David B.
Ottawa, ON
August 2013