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Rehabilitation from a stroke

In January 2010, I suffered a spinal stroke. It left me paralyzed in one leg and with limited use of one arm and hand. I quickly began physiotherapy rehabilitation. However, I knew from the beginning that this approach is but one of a number of treatments that could help. Therefore, I added several more therapies including acupuncture, massage therapy, naturopathy, my own core and upper body exercise regime and last but not least qi gong.

I asked you to help me. After I called you, you started coming to the hospital two days a week, and after I left hospital, you came to my home weekly and continue to do so.

Your qi gong treatment lasted an hour. First you and I discuss what, if any, changes in function have occurred since the last treatment and how I can make my practice of qi gong more effective. You then start the treatment with my mind slowly working down my spinal cord and then down my right leg which is the part of my body most affected. Usually, after a few minutes of treatment and meditation on my part I fall asleep and awaken rested five to ten minutes after you have left my home.

From my perspective, you have used qi gong to focus energy through meditation to integrate and harmonize the various therapies. Each treatment leaves me feeling that my mind and body function better together and that new energy is flowing. Moreover, qi gong brings me a calm that allows me to centre my energies on recovery rather than on anger and frustration.

A year of your treatments has enhanced my ability to walk first using a two-wheeled walker, and later to walk holding on to your hand, and still later to begin to take a few steps on my own. I now walk relatively easily with a cane and hope to walk without an aid in the near future.

Qi Gong has been and continues to be an essential element of my therapy. Without qi gong I could not have made as much progress as fast as I have. I am grateful to you for your efforts.

Ottawa, ON
April 2011