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Relief from chronic pain

Since 1994 I have been in pain 24 hours a day, seven days a week due to various medical problems. This pain was so severe that it prevented me from sleeping and the most I was able to sleep at night was two to four hours. In addition, four years ago my bones started fracturing. I visited doctor after doctor, but none of them could tell me why—only that my bones were fracturing in my back and rib cage area. With this additional pain, I was hardly able to sleep at all.

A few months ago, a naturopath discovered that I had a condition called hyperparathyroidism where the parathyroid gland does not function properly and consequently, my liver and kidney leach calcium from my bones. The naturopath recommended that I participate in qi gong exercise classes. After attending my first Philip Lai Qi Gong beginner class, I went home and had six hours of solid natural sleep. I slept again that night.

As a result of practicing the qi gong exercises every day for the past two months as well as meditating twice a day using a meditation technique that I learned from Master Lai, my sleep pattern has improved substantially. In addition, he has been kind enough to give me several hands on healing energy treatments. As a result, I now experience periods of time with no pain! These things have made a remarkable and wonderful difference in my life and and I am really pleased about my medical progress so far. And more good news—a very recent test of the condition of my parathyroid gland shows that it has improved by 30%.

Ottawa, ON
March 13, 2010