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Severely disabled woman

Esther is a 24 year old woman with a congenital heart defect that led to a cardiac arrest while jogging in 2007. She subsequently suffered a prolonged resuscitation and went into a coma. Since that fatal event, Esther has battled neurological injury and a whole series of hospital acquired complications like sepsis, toxic shocks, pneumonia, prolonged ventilation and stage-four bedsore that ended in osteomyelitis. She had four hospital Code Blue's called on her and required emergency peritonitis surgery to save her life (migrated feeding tube went unnoticed for days). She was hospitalized for nearly two years before being brought home permanently to be under the care of her parents.

The letter below was written several months after Master Lai began hands-on healing energy treatments on Esther. In addition, he has been performing distance healing on her on a daily basis.

"Since you started your hands-on and distance-healing treatments, Esther has experienced marked improvement in all her vital functions. Her problems with basic functions like moving her legs, her inability to turn her body, issues with sleeping, swallowing and speaking make her a rather difficult case. Now these functions have incrementally, but progressively improved and her potential for further improvement along these lines is clearly promising—things we have not previously seen to such an extent with her in the hospital setting. The wide range of methods you utilize, including energy work, acupressure, Chinese massage, and music therapy, make the treatment sessions enjoyable for Esther and she always looks forward to her sessions with you.

We are very grateful for the energy healing that you have been performing for our daughter. We also appreciate your kind-heartedness and fun-loving attitude. Your dedication and skill as a healer have been inspirational and we have no doubt that you have helped her significantly."

—Charles and Berentine (Esther’s parents)
Ottawa, ON
March 6, 2010