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Stopped smoking and reduced back pain

I have attended four qi gong classes taught by Master Lai and already I notice a number of positive changes in my life.

1. Attending the classes has helped me to become calmer and more relaxed, have more energy during the day, concentrate better and best of all quit smoking.

2. As a result of using the massage techniques that Philip taught me and some Chinese ointment, the pain in my back caused by my sciatica nerve (which I have had for over 20 years) has been significantly reduced and I can move more easily now.

3. Recently I had to take a respiratory test at a hospital. I was put into a very small compartment with the door closed, a clip on my nose and a pipe in my mouth with my lips tightened around it. I was told to breathe normally, but since I am claustrophobic I became nervous and failed the test. Then I closed my eyes and rubbed my thumb and fingers together. This helped me to concentrate, relax, and focus so that I was able to pass the second test.

I am very grateful to Philip for showing me qi gong exercises and techniques that have helped me significantly improve the quality of my health.

—Joanne M.
Ottawa, ON
July 2013