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Weight loss and healthier lifestyle

I would like to respectfully acknowledge the wonderful work of Master Lai and to thank him for sharing his positive energy and healing powers. I’ve been practicing qi gong exercises with him on and off for many years, but recently I’ve decided to incorporate his qi gong techniques, and his positive attitude in my new life style on a daily basis. As a result, I’ve seen a major improvement in my health, body and spirit, and with my happiness—inner smile (as Master Philip would say). I also got rid of negative feelings and old beliefs that no longer served me and as a bonus; in 7 months I’ve lost the last 20 pounds I’ve been trying to lose for the last five years.

I’m very grateful and at the same time very excited to add this qi gong component into my new life style, combining western and eastern medicine, better eating habits, and exercising for 10 minutes at lunch time with Master Lai and 10 minutes on my own in the morning and the evening. This has helped me to stay focused and positive, live healthier and stress-free and stay at my ideal weight. I’m much calmer and can now better balance my work, family and social activities.

With these tremendous results and benefits, I’m recommending that all my friends, co-workers and immediate family join a qi gong class in the New Year.

Ottawa, ON
Jan. 2013